Changing the Heart…January 17, 2018

It is senseless. It is horrific. It is tragic. It demonstrates the worst of humankind. And worst yet, it sets off a chain of blame, finger pointing, and divisiveness throughout this great country.

Humankind sweeps in, digging in its heels, determined to remedy the issues through its own understanding and agenda. When in reality, humankind has again, missed the mark and hypocrisy, once again, rears its ugly head.

In the wake of the latest mass shooting in California, society struggles for understanding; politicians seek advantage; families weep; and the problems remain. It is a gun issue! It is a mental illness issue! It is a policy issue! It is a resource issue! With each accusation, the double standard screams. Unless we are willing to have a honest discussion and admit that this is not a conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat, or black or white, straight or gay, problem, our society is bound to continue with such horrific events. Let’s start with two examples.

Guns are killing tens of thousands of people each year. Abortions account for hundreds of thousands of deaths each year. Guns are protected by the Constitution. Abortions are protected by the Supreme Court.

Oh, the hypocrisy from both sides! The use of guns to kill is wrong. The use of abortions to kill is wrong.

Let me be very clear. Banning guns, outlawing abortions, changing laws, and adding laws does not and will not stop the killing. This is not a legislative enigma. If we want this to stop, then we need to change the heart of humankind. Ban guns, and you will still have gun violence and death. Make abortion illegal, and those seeking abortions will continue to find ways to abort their babies. As long as we have laws, they will be broken. Those desiring to hurt, will find ways to do so.

This great nation was founded on God-fearing principles, by God-fearing families. Imperfect families and individuals, yes, but God-fearing nonetheless. Why has this country strayed so far from God? Dismissal of a higher power can alleviate a guilt-ridden mind, but it does not eliminate the evolution of evil. It enhances it.

These issues are not political. They are not solved simply by more laws and restrictions. These problems are not solved by woman and man alone. Until we again become a nation, with hearts and minds turned to God, destruction will continue and even increase.

To stop the violence, we must have a mighty change of heart, that we have no more disposition to do evil, but to do good continually. Then, and only then, will this stop.

Author: savagestrong

Husband. Father. Entrepreneur. Business owner. Communicator. Leader.

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